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For four decades, Trados has led the way in developing technology that has become the leading choice for translation professionals everywhere. The upcoming launch of Trados Studio 2024 builds on this experience by offering you access to cutting-edge AI for faster, higher-quality translations. 

With enhanced accessibility features and improved cloud capabilities for working in the office or on the go, Studio 2024 will empower translation professionals to deliver better translations, emphasizing inclusivity and innovation. 

Are you ready for Studio at its most powerful? 

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Accelerating innovation

Since its inception, Trados has always brought the latest technological advancements to professional linguists. Now, with generative AI dominating the conversation, we have harnessed this power with a number of new features. 
Exclusive to Studio 2024, Trados Copilot - AI Assistant will enable you to leverage Large Language Models to elevate the quality of your translations at speed. Studio 2024 will also support Quality Estimation from MT providers who offer this data, to help minimize the time spent post-editing.
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Elevating experiences

Studio 2024 will build upon our modern, streamlined user experience allowing you to translate everything more efficiently.

Enhanced cloud capabilities will allow for seamless transitions between online and offline work, meaning you can translate, review, and manage projects effortlessly on any device. Additionally, with Studio 2024, you'll benefit from improved usability with the Manager View, offering intuitive project, file, and report management.

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Trados imagery
Trados imagery

Bridging borders

We are currently living in an incredible era of technological advancements, however, sometimes people with diverse needs get left behind. Considering this, Studio 2024 will become the most accessible, feature-rich CAT tool on the market with the launch of a number of features for the visually impaired. 
With Studio 2024, users will be able to complete a fully accessible project roundtrip using screen readers – empowering everyone to translate, however they want to work. Extending beyond the desktop, Studio 2024 will also add dictation capabilities to the online editor.
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