Effectively manage your global brand across content, languages and channels.

Collaborate with our central terminology management solution and share up-to-date terminology with other content creators in different departments, or with other translators, for consistent and high-quality content from source through to translation.

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Key benefits

Drive competitive differentiation.
Reduce costs and increase productivity
Improve brand consistency and multilingual content quality
Manage as many languages as required
Secure multilingual content management
Create a secure terminology workflow
Person access
Ensure central access for all

Key features

Real-time search functionality

Easily check the meaning, translation or approved style of a word or phrase in real time as you read, write or translate.

Simply highlight a word from any application on a desktop and retrieve its meaning and translation immediately with a few simple keystrokes.

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Customizable display

Create a personalized display for your day-to-day tasks and set up your environment just the way you want it.

Our multilingual termbase can be used by many different people with very different needs. Customize your view, set your language pairs, and let MultiTerm remember exactly where you left off so you don’t have to.

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Scalability and integration

Integrate multiple glossaries with our software localization tools, Microsoft Word and other applications to maintain a consistent brand both during content creation and in translation.

Try real-time verification of multilingual terminology within Trados Studio, the world’s most popular translation software.

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Central access for all

Staying in the loop with new terminology is easy. Get access to glossaries at any time and ensure that translators and content creators have access to the most up-to-date terms, wherever they are in the world.
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“Terminology is very important for our company as it plays a key role in coordinating headquarters and sales partners around the globe. We are putting a lot of energy into developing and maintaining MultiTerm as the better it is, the easier communication becomes.”
Sebastian Kümmel, technical documentation
“I don’t think we could manage without Lectrapedia now. It’s become an indispensable tool for terminology consistency that increases our confidence in the quality of our deliverables.”
Géraldine Monnier, technical documentation manager, Lectra
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