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Translate faster and smarter with Trados Studio – the complete translation environment for language professionals who want to create, edit, review and manage translation projects while in the office or on the move.

With Trados Studio, you can translate everything productively. Discover how in our free trial.

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Designed to speed up the translation process, improve consistency and boost productivity, Trados Studio is used by more translation professionals than any other computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool on the market.
With three translation technologies at its heart – translation memory (TM), terminology management and machine translation (MT) – Trados Studio is the perfect solution for keeping on top of translation projects and terminology – either in a desktop tool or online in the cloud.
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Key benefits

Discover a wealth of innovative features and create high-quality translations, faster.

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Consistent high-quality translations
Wealth of support and expertise
Reduced translation cost
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Easy management of translation projects

Key features

Translation memory

Intelligent translation memory (TM) technology allows you to easily reuse previously translated and approved content. This feature can increase your translation productivity by as much as 80% and improve consistency across your projects.

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Terminology management

Ensure a consistent tone in all languages by easily creating, managing and, if you want to, sharing approved terminology.

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Project management

Create and deliver high-volume translation projects quickly and easily in multiple languages with the project management capabilities found in Trados Studio. Combine Studio with our collaboration solutions for high-volume projects and complete control over security.

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Machine translation

Double your productivity levels with machine translation (MT) from Language Weaver, the perfect solution for translators looking to use the latest in MT to automatically translate content.
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Cloud capabilities

Trados Studio’s cloud capabilities provide flexible options for translation, review and management of projects via desktop or browser.

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Once your team starts to grow, Trados empowers you to work together seamlessly and increase productivity with secure, shared access to centralized translation files, translation memories and terminology.

There are two deployment options for a secure collaboration solution – cloud-based or server-based.

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Elevate efficiency with the powerful and innovative AI-enabled features in Trados Studio 2022 Service Release 2.
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The answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about Trados Studio.
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Why upgrade

Discover the reasons to upgrade from Trados Studio 2019 and 2021 to Trados Studio 2022.
Specialized Translation

Languages and file types

Work on any project with the widest range of supported languages and file types.

“It’s amazing how Trados Studio streamlines the translation job by automatically pulling in matching content from previous translations.”

Afroditi Tzolou, IT manager

“We have already seen improvements in the consistency of the translations. The translation memory is also a valuable tool in relieving our workload, since we no longer need to search at length for existing text blocks.”

Eveline Meier

“Even after just one year, we have reduced our translation costs by 50%. These costs are still decreasing all the time, which saves a lot of money and – above all – time.”

Katrin Springborn, translation manager

“We’ve been able to translate more and more, without increasing costs. More importantly, we’ve not compromised on quality in any way. Trados technology helps us deliver better value.”

Yuka Kurihara, Director of Globalization