Reasons to upgrade to Trados Studio 2022

Trados Studio 2022 provides a powerful desktop and cloud solution offering you and your team the flexibility to work in the most efficient and cost-effective way. The addition of AI-powered features empowers you and your team to translate everything productively.

If you’re using Trados Studio 2021 or 2019, you may want to know the benefits of upgrading to Trados Studio 2022 – the latest version of the world’s leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool.

In addition to free Level 1 eLearning to help everyone get the most out of Trados Studio, here's an overview of why now is the perfect time to upgrade.

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Designed for the future

Maximize your efficiency with an array of cutting-edge AI-driven functionalities designed to elevate your productivity:

Smart Help

Accessed through Trados Copilot, your virtual assistant and gateway to Linguistic AI, Smart Help quickly resolves your queries by analyzing your questions, interpreting meanings, and providing direct links to relevant documentation.

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Smart Review

By utilizing the Large Language Model (LLM) as a linguistic reviewer, the Smart Review app assesses translation quality on a 0-100 scale. Scores, along with rationales through Trados Copilot, guide detailed segment assessments. Please note, this is an early access release for Trados Studio Professional only. 

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Language Weaver

Trados Studio users benefit from up to 6 million MT characters per year, per account delivered through Language Weaver. This integration combines RWS's enterprise-grade neural machine translation with Linguistic AI, providing enhanced features like language mapping and the option for adaptive language pairs, speeding up translations.

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Expanding LLM integration

Expand your Trados Studio capabilities with the OpenAI translator app and RYSTUDIO GPT Translation Copilot app from the RWS AppStore, bringing various LLMs into your workflow, including ChatGPT, Google-PaLM, Claude-2-100k, Sage, and Llama-2. These translation companions assist in refining work, addressing linguistic challenges, and improving translation quality. They enable tasks like generating alternative translations, adding information, adjusting tone, shortening text, and avoiding gender bias.

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Updates for 3rd Party MT providers

Enhance consistency with the DeepL Translation Provider app, enabling the creation and management of glossaries across platforms. Custom Model support for Microsoft and Google Cloud MT providers facilitates the integration of tailored machine translation models.

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Trados Studio 2022

Designed for wherever you work

Whether you prefer to work on the desktop, in the cloud, or a combination of the two, Trados Studio 2022 has you covered. Easily start in the cloud with simple wizards that allow you to quickly upload resources directly from Studio in batches, with local projects that can be uploaded to the cloud at any point.

Reinforcing integration with the cloud enhances both the Trados Studio 2022 desktop app and the cloud platform. New features include terminology verification in cloud projects, entry-level fields in term recognition with cloud termbases, and support for multiple source languages in cloud resources.

The online editor in Trados Studio 2022 sees over 600 developments, such as sub-segment fragment matching, voice dictation, and a real-time preview for over 20 file types. Essential cloud capabilities are now included at no extra cost, allowing you time to explore the best working methods for your unique needs.

Why upgrade from Trados Studio 2021

Reasons to upgrade to Trados Studio 2022

When upgrading from Trados Studio 2019, you'll also benefit from a wealth of productivity-boosting features and functionality introduced with Trados Studio 2021.

Why upgrade from Trados Studio 2019

Designed for whatever you work on

With Trados Studio 2022, we’ve added even more file types to the over 50 already supported, making it easy to work on whatever file types your projects require.

  • Great for gaming localization or any multilingual file, the new Multilingual Excel app creates a multilingual Studio project from an Excel file and converts it back.
  • Perfect for software localization, the most common non-text (binary) software file is now supported in Studio and the cloud.
  • Our Multilingual XML app makes it easy to handle multilingual XML files.
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Elevate efficiency with the powerful and innovative AI-enabled features in Trados Studio 2022 Service Release 2.
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Designed for however you work

It’s often the detail that makes a big difference – and we’ve made hundreds of updates from specific customer requests:

  • New desktop editor technology enables faster file opening, superior handling of large files and clearer text display.
  • Experience the cutting-edge features of this editor, including support for Unicode 14, the automatic insertion of formatting tags and a more stable platform for real-time previews.
  • With updated search functionality, a wider range of filtering categories and new sorting options, we’ve made it even easier to use the AppStore from within Studio.
The Manager View (Beta) streamlines project, file, and report management by consolidating various views into one user-friendly interface. Key features include single-file projects support, integrated Reports View for comprehensive project-related data, and usability enhancements for improved efficiency through project filtering and sorting options.
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