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The complete translation environment for Freelance Translators

Trados Studio Freelance is a complete translation environment for editing, reviewing and managing translation projects either offline on the desktop tool or online in the cloud. Studio offers a number of core technologies to support you as you translate – translation memories (TMs) are the key component and other functionality includes termbases for managing terminology and machine translation (MT) to speed up the translation process. In addition to the core components, there are many features to help increase your productivity and ensure your consistency.

The latest edition, Trados Studio 2021, will transform the way you work. Combining the leading Trados Studio CAT tool with the new cloud-based Trados Live, gives you the option to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time… the possibilities are endless.

Trados Studio 2021 Service Release 2 is now available!

Benefit from new product innovation and performance enhancements in Service Release 2
for Trados Studio 2021, Trados Live and MultiTerm 2021

Studio 2021 TM

Increase your productivity with our translation memory technology

Easily reuse previously translated and approved content across all of your projects with intelligent translation memory (TM) technology. 

The more words, phrases, and sentences that are added to your TM, the faster you can translate subsequent translations with the ever-growing database automatically providing any matches. upLIFT technology provides fragment matching for both 'no match' and 'fuzzy match' scenarios.

With our TM at the heart of your translation process, you can increase your productivity by as much as 80%, plus improve consistency across all your content.

Say hello to subscriptions!

We have introduced subscription as a new way to purchase for a selection of our translation productivity solutions, including Trados Studio Professional and Freelance editions.

Enhance your translation quality with terminology management

As a freelance translator, you are always focused on presenting your client’s brand values and technical terms accurately, whilst ensuring a consistent tone of voice. You can do this by managing terminology within your translations. Used in conjunction with Studio or as a standalone application, MultiTerm is the translation industry's leading terminology management solution — available for free with every Studio software license.

Trados Live Terminology is easy-to-use terminology management in the cloud also available free in Studio or via subscription. Share termbases, and import and export to and from Excel.

SDL MultiTerm 2021

Studio 2021 NMT

Translate faster with high-quality neural machine translation

Accessible through your Trados products, Language Weaver is the perfect, secure solution for freelance translators looking to use the latest in secure neural machine translation (NMT) to automatically translate content.

Language Weaver uses the latest advances in the field of artificial intelligence to provide the most powerful, comprehensive, and adaptable neural machine translation platform on the market.

Support your customers to reach a global audience faster by offering easy, cost-effective and secure neural machine translation as part of your service.

Flexibility to work wherever you are

Trados Studio's desktop app seamlessly integrates with our translation productivity cloud, Trados Live. You can switch easily between working on your desktop tool and working via a browser online in the cloud - so you can use the best tool for the job and be as efficient as possible. Together they allow freelance translators to connect securely to cloud-based projects, files and translation resources. And if you decide to switch device, all of your work is securely backed up and instantly available at the click of a button.
SDL Trados Live

Personalise your Studio environment

Personalise your Studio environment with the fully integrated RWS AppStore. With over 250 apps to choose from, you can now search the AppStore for new functionality, download and install new apps, update your existing ones or delete the ones you no longer need.

Help and support

Help and support is now available directly from within Studio. The new RWS Forums option on the ‘Help’ tab will take you straight to the relevant community where you can search for answers or raise new questions.