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Take the intensive and time-consuming process out of software localization. Easily translate elements of a graphical user interface (GUI) such as dialog boxes, menus and display texts. Translate, share and collaborate on all your software localization projects within one centralized end-to-end environment.

Our intelligent workflows and intuitive project management features help you produce faster multilingual software releases, higher-quality software translation and more efficient processes.

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Key benefits

Produce faster multilingual software releases.
Screen translate
Simplify software localization.
Fast stopwatch
Speed up the translation process.
Translate graphical user interfaces with ease.
Perform real-time software testing.
Deliver high-quality translations.

Key features

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“Thanks to Passolo, we quickly achieved a very high level of automation throughout the entire software localization process – from generating the projects, through to the pre-translation and creation of language files, and on to validation and quality testing.”

Frank Fürniß, product development


“Passolo is precise in distinguishing programming code from user-interface content to be translated, and preventing project managers or translators from breaking the build.”

Yuka Kurihara, Director of Globalization


“Passolo is fast and efficient – sometimes it takes a few seconds instead of hours to retrieve translations. Adopting Passolo has freed us from the technical constraints of our previous tools and led to a 40% increase in translation speed.”

Christophe Willefert, translation project manager

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