Reasons to upgrade to Passolo 2022

Work smarter with Passolo 2022’s new features and integrations to enable better team working, greater efficiency and increased productivity.

With the latest version of Passolo, you can future-proof your business with support for Microsoft .NET 6 (and later), collaborate more easily with cloud platform integration, and enjoy many enhanced usability features.

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Key features

Full visualization support for Winforms in Microsoft .NET 6+

Passolo 2022 enhances its functionality for Microsoft .NET 6 (and later) by providing comprehensive support for visualizing Winforms-based dialog boxes. 

This feature allows complete visualization of user interface controls in classic .NET versions 4.8 (and earlier) and the more recent .NET versions 6 (and later), improving compatibility and flexibility in software localization.

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Cloud platform integration

With Passolo 2022 and a subscription to our cloud platform, you can publish files to the cloud for translation in the Online Editor and use centralized, cloud-based translation resources such as TMs and termbases. Once in the cloud, your translation files will always be with you no matter where you are, and can be shared easily with others during the translation process.

By combining the power of the cloud with the Passolo desktop tool, you can flexibly combine Passolo’s own project management and QA capabilities with the strengths of the cloud for managing teams, sharing work, creating backups, automating processes and anytime-anywhere online working to keep things running smoothly.

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Virtual folders

To give translation teams more control over the context of supplied strings, Passolo 2022 introduces the option to group source files into flexible virtual folders. These can be created, deleted and renamed as required, and are available at project and bundle level.

Developers can continue to organize their code as required for the development process, and localization project managers can then ‘virtually’ group the software strings into an order that makes sense for translators and their way of working.

Your project managers and translators can remain organized and in control, even when managing large translation projects.

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More automation

To improve productivity, Passolo’s automation capabilities have been expanded. The new virtual folder creation feature can be automated in your workflows, Trados GroupShare project files can now be converted to and from SDLXLIFF automatically, and Passolo projects can be automatically published to the cloud.

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Expanded file types

We’ve enhanced Passolo’s file types and parsers to improve available file-type configurations and compatibility, so you’re not limited in what you can accept. Updates have been made to .NET 4.x, WPF, JSON, XAML, XML, YAML, JAVA and RC, to name a few.
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