What’s new in Passolo 2022

Take the intensive and time-consuming process out of software localization with Passolo.
Easily translate elements of a graphical user interface (GUI) such as dialog boxes, menus and display texts. Translate, share and collaborate on all your software localization projects within one centralized end-to-end environment.
Discover what’s new in Passolo 2022, including:
  • Future-proofing with support for Microsoft .NET 5.0
  • New collaboration possibilities with direct integrations to our cloud platform (Trados Team, Trados Accelerate and Trados Enterprise), as well as an enhanced integration to Trados GroupShare
  • Usability improvements thanks to enhanced and new parsers and the ability to organize projects across virtual folders
  • Optimized stability and performance when using current operating systems
Please note that since this webinar, Passolo 2022 now supports .NET versions 4.8 (and earlier), and the more recent .NET versions 6 (and later).
This content is in English.
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An introduction to translation collaboration