What's new in Trados Studio 2022

Designed for you

Welcome to Trados Studio 2022!

You have a unique translation journey. And you need a translation solution that recognizes your unique and evolving needs.

We’ve heard you.

Designed with your feedback in mind, Trados Studio 2022 delivers an unrivalled, powerful desktop and cloud solution, empowering you to work in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Trados Studio 2022

Designed for wherever you work

Whatever your work preference - desktop, cloud or a bit of both, we’ve got it covered. It’s even easier to get started in the cloud; simple wizards quickly upload resources directly from Studio in batches and you can upload a local project to the cloud at any point. 

Over 330 developments have been made to the online editor including sub-segment fragment matching, multi-monitor support and a real-time preview that can display over 20 file types.

Essential cloud capabilities are now always included with Studio at no extra cost, so you’ve got the time to explore the way of working that suits you.

Designed for whatever you work on

We’ve added even more file types to the over 50 already supported, making it easy to work on whatever file types your customers require.
  • Great for gaming localization or any multilingual file, the new MultiLingual Excel app creates a multilingual Studio project from an Excel file and converts it back.
  • You can now use the most common non-text (binary) software files in Studio and the cloud, perfect for software localization. 
  • Receiving multilingual XML files is no longer an issue with our Multilingual XML app, which handles them with ease.
Trados Studio 2022
Trados Studio 2022

Designed for however you work

It’s the detail that makes a big difference and we’ve made hundreds of updates from specific customer requests. 

  • Improvements to editor views include faster and clearer text display, support for Unicode 14, the automatic insertion of formatting tags and a more stable platform for real-time previews.
  • The new Manager view (BETA) gives you a way to manage projects and files from one simple and intuitive window, instead of jumping between different views. 
  • It’s even easier to use the AppStore from within Studio with updated search functionality, a wider range of filtering categories and new sorting options. 

Designed for you

Trados Studio remains unparalleled for its sophistication and ability to serve the diverse needs and preferences of individuals. But it is part of a much bigger story. Wherever you are in your localization journey, Trados has a range of solutions to help you succeed.

Choose the translation products you need right now, with the knowledge everything is easily scalable as your requirements grow. In the cloud, on-premise or on your desktop, your unique Trados solution is tailored to you.
Trados Studio 2022

Reasons to upgrade to Trados Studio 2022

If you have a previous version of Trados Studio then there has never been a better time to upgrade. Enjoy a wealth of new features and functionality on your desktop and in the cloud with Trados Studio 2022. Read our data sheets for more information.