Level 1 eLearning for Trados Studio

This course is designed to help users who want to become familiar with Trados Studio quickly and start working productively with the application from day one.

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About the eLearning course

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Quotes from Trados training attendees

"I strongly enjoyed the content, especially the simulations."

SDL Language Cloud - Administrator Basics

"I thought the course was going to be more basic. The truth is that It gives you enough information to enable you to work comfortably with Trados from the very beginning. I am really happy with these e-learning lessons."

"I was completely new to Trados Studio and now I cannot wait to tackle my first professional translation! The training is clear, easy to follow, and engaging. Every time I stopped; I couldn't wait to get back to it. It is obvious that a lot of thought and care have gone into preparing the sessions. Thank you"

"The course is very thorough for an introduction course. Even though I've worked with Trados before, I was able to learn new content, such as the cloud capabilities, which were entirely new to me, and refresh basic content, such as the many ways to apply character formatting to a segment, edit a source segment and so on."

"I was really impressed by your technical support! It was really helpful and friendly. Great job!"

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