Going places with Trados

At a fundamental level, the challenge for translators and translation teams hasn't changed since Trados released the world's first commercial translation productivity software in the early 1990s.
Our mission remains to help you deliver quality translation more efficiently and profitably. That hasn't changed at all. But almost everything about how we do this has changed.
We've progressed from the earliest incarnations of terminology management and translation memory (TM) to an evolved portfolio, used equally by new translators, mature translation agencies, and global businesses with huge volumes of content to translate.
We see the continuing evolution of Trados being shaped by three key challenges facing translation professionals today:
  • Fragmented digital ecosystem
  • Fragmented linguistic assets
  • Fragmentary work experience
Read our eBook to discover how each of these challenges has its own effect on our vision for the Trados portfolio as a whole, and the individual products within it.
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