Why have over 270,000 translation professionals chosen to use Trados Studio?

Trados Studio 2021 unboxing

Nora Díaz, EN-ES Freelance Translator

Nora Díaz is a full-time translator and team leader, who works for clients located around the world on a daily basis, covering every aspect of the translation workflow. Her interest in technology has led to a constant exploration of productivity tools. As an active member of the beta tester community at RWS, she interacts with top-ranked translators from around the world and provides input about real-world translator needs and program usability. Here she takes us through a demo of Studio 2021 and gives her first impressions.

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Andrew Martin,

Owner, Pantoglot - Language Service Provider

Watch the video to see why Andrew recommends Trados Studio to language professionals

Emma Goldsmith,

ES-EN Freelance Translator

“Investing in Trados Studio and learning about its features has been one of the wisest business decisions in my career. I reap the benefits in every single job I do. Trados Studio is an essential part of my workflow. With Studio, I have everything I need: terminology consistency, reference to past jobs, faster typing and QA checking as I go. After using Trados Studio almost every day since its launch in 2009, I can assure you that it’s easy to use from scratch, but much more satisfying when you get to know all the ins and outs. Use it to translate a simple Word file straight out of the box or tweak a file type and customise the layout to achieve your very own Studio experience. Enjoy! “

Anna Cribley,

FR-EN, ES-EN Freelance Translator

"I use termbases and translation memories all the time and that helps me deliver high quality translations to my clients."

Watch this video to see why Anna chose Trados Studio as her preferred translation tool. 

Nora Diaz,

EN-ES Freelance Translator

“I think the simplest reason to choose Studio is that it's a solid business decision. As a freelancer, if you want to play in the Big Leagues, you need Big League tools. Having Studio is a basic pre-requisite to be considered for jobs with many large clients, so Studio will open opportunities for you that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. Investing the time and money needed to own and become proficient in an industry-leading tool such as Studio tells potential customers that you take this profession seriously.”

Jadwiga Ruchlewska,

PL-EN, PT-EN, Freelance Translator.

"It just works miracles. When I find a term or a longer phrase in a sentence that I have translated before, it just extracts it and I can just click and insert it into the new sentence, so it does really speed up my work a lot."

Watch this video to hear more from why Jadwiga uses Trados Studio to save time on her more mundane tasks and use this spare time to think more about the structure of sentences or words she is going to use.

Patrizia Pasquazi,

DE-EN, EN-DE Freelance Translator

"As always, the whole upgrade process was very easy and done in a few clicks. The resources that are provided with new Studio versions are always extremely helpful, including various apps that increase productivity and webinars where new features are introduced and explained. Overall, Studio is a great product that comes with a comprehensive package of information, helping people of all levels of experience and skills to use the software."

Peter Kahl,

Director, PMK Information Services Ltd.


"Trados Studio is an absolutely essential tool for anyone that is working in technical translation."

Watch this video to hear more from why Peter thinks Trados Studio is such an important tool for translators.

Jesse Good,

JA-EN Freelance Translator

"You cannot find all of the features that Trados Studio has in any other CAT tool. With the developer program, Trados Studio is the only CAT tool I know that you can fully customize. With its customizability, Trados Studio can fit into any translation workflow."

Agenor Hofmann-Delbor,

Owner, Localize - Language Service Provider

Watch the video to see why Agenor recommends Trados Studio to language professionals

Alexandros Tsouris,

EN-EL, EL-EN Freelance Translator

"I was fascinated by the functionality of Trados Studio during our training sessions for the certification exams. However, I couldn't possibly comprehend the extent of its usefulness. Now that I have started working with Studio, I have seen a huge difference in my productivity! Spending some time to properly prepare a project, building relevant termbases, leveraging translation memories and aligning legacy documents to build new ones, have made me much faster and more efficient."