How our customers are using SDL Trados Studio

How our customers are using SDL Trados Studio

We take a look at how our users are currently working with Studio.

With Studio being used worldwide in over 180 countries, our users really are part of a huge translator community. To help you to quantify this even more, over a staggering 6 billion words flow through translation memories in Studio on a monthly basis. 

You might be one of the thousands of people working with Studio daily, but have you ever thought about how your peers are using it? 

Through our Customer Experience Improvement Program we can tell you this! We are looking at how our users work with Studio to monitor industry trends such as machine translation adoption and how new innovations and existing features are used. This data helps us develop the next releases of Studio, along with all of the other research we do with focus groups, surveys and your ideas on the SDL Community.

Importantly, you can be sure that no personal information is collected at all, the data collected is completely anonymous without any identity, content, translation memory and termbase information. 

This blog gives you an insight to features currently being used by our user community – some of which you might not know you have at your fingertips! So here is some of the data we have been monitoring this November.

File types used in Studio

Studio supports over 50 files types ensuring you can work on any project that comes your way. We are frequently releasing new files types, recently introducing Adobe FrameMaker and Photoshop file filter, email MSG formats and XML2 file filter, to name a few. 

We have made translating files as easy as possible by giving you numberous options for how they are handled, including the choice to include or exclude embedded content, notes, comments, hidden content etc. It probably won’t be a surprise that 31% of files translated in Studio are Microsoft Word files. However, a question we often get asked by customers is ‘can I translate PDFs in Studio’? The answer is yes you can, in fact 11% of files translated in Studio are PDFs. Studio has been designed to make it simple for you to translate both scanned and editable PDFs. 

Information on how to translate PDFs in Studio can be found here.

The type of projects users are creating in Studio

The majority of users, 45% to be precise, use the ‘project wizard’ to start their translation projects, whilst 29% of users are using the ‘single document’ process. In addition, Studio 2021 has also introduced a new way to create translation projects online with Studio’s cloud companion, SDL Trados Live. You now have the flexibility to create cloud-based projects that can then be seamlessly translated online using the SDL Online Editor or Studio’s desktop editor. We are starting to see a trend towards this way of working with 2% of Studio 2021 users already using SDL Trados Live to create projects! 

Watch this video on how to create cloud projects below.

Apps downloaded directly in Studio

Thanks to the new AppStore integration, over 150 apps are available to download from within Studio. Studio 2021 users have been making the most of this, with 2,340 apps downloaded using the SDL AppStore integration in November. On an upward trend, now 25% of apps are downloaded through this integration, whilst the other 75% have been downloaded online through the browser. Some of the top downloaded apps include functionality to easily translate subtitles (now in the top 20 files types translated in Studio!), fine-tune number verification and split or merge SDLXLIFF files

Watch this video on how to use the SDL AppStore Integration below.

Getting the most out of your translation memory (TM)

Fragment matches from your translation memory ensure you are always getting the maximum results from your TM.  In November, Studio users benefited from 250 million fragment match words, as well as 120 million concordance words! 

This technology also corrects TM fuzzy matches, with nearly 20 million words being repaired in a month. Something we are really excited about is that now Studio 2021 improves upon this feature even more by automatically inserting tags into your translation segments. This helps you to save considerable time and ensures your formatting is correctly replicated from the source through to translated document.

Watch a video on how to automatically insert tags below.

The home of neural machine translation (NMT)

State-of-the-art NMT SDL Machine Translation is available to Studio users for free through our 500,000 character monthly allowance. No matter your language pair, it is more than likely you can benefit, with over 3000 NMT language combinations available through SDL Machine Translation. Over 100 million words of SDL Machine Translation are used in Studio a month, accounting for a huge 52% of total MT. You might be interested to know the most used MT language pair is English into Portuguese (Brazilian), and the top language translated into English is Japanese.

Studio is also home to over 50 NMT providers. Out of total MT used in Studio, 23% was DeepL, 10% Google Cloud and 10% Modern MT.

These are only a few of the data points we can track, there are plenty more. I hope you found this information as insightful as we did! 
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