Working with Terminology for MultiTerm

This MultiTerm training focuses on terminology and is part of the Trados Studio Level 3 training course. This is designed for users who are already familiar with Trados Studio and want to leverage advanced product features.

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The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Creating a termbase from an MS Excel Glossary using
  • MultiTerm Convert
  • Creating the termbase using MultiTerm
  • Using the termbase
  • Filtering entries
  • Importing additional entries
  • Working with Cloud termbases
  • Exporting termbases
  • Handling homonyms
  • Adding entries with input models
  • Maintaining termbases
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This course enables users to work even more efficiently in Trados Studio and streamline their processes further.

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An understanding of Trados Studio basic functionalities and of topics covered in the Studio Level 1 course and Level 2 modules.

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This module takes approximately:

  • 1 day during an onsite course
  • 3 hours during an online course
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This course is available in the following delivery modes:

  • instructor-led, onsite course; incorporates hands-on time for participants to practice during the onsite training session
  • instructor-led, virtual (online) course; no hands-on during the online training session
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Certification and further development

This course provides some of the knowledge attendees need to pass the Trados Studio Level 3 exam.

Attendees should also consider attending the following Level 3 courses:

  • Level 3 - Configuring File Types Settings
  • Level 3 - Maintaining your translation memories (adv.)
  • Level 3 - Processing XML files
  • Level 3 - Translating subtitling files
  • Level 3 - Translating .Net libraries
  • Level 3 - Translating JSON files
  • Level 3 - Translating Multilingual Excel files
  • Level 3 - Translating multilingual XML files
For further information on the Trados Certification programme, please get in touch.
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