Level 2 Training for Trados Studio

This course is designed for users who want to go beyond the basics of Trados Studio and take their translation environment to the next level. 

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This course covers a series of different topics, which you can choose from when scheduling your training day. Each training course is made up of 6 “credits”, which have been assigned to the topics below. You can choose freely from this list of topics in order to make up a 6-credits training course:

Topics Credits
Using neural machine translation in Trados Studio 2
Aligning files 1
Terminology verification and quality assurance 1
Maintaining translation memories 2
Reviewing translations 1
Working with cloud-based resources 2
Fine-tuning project settings 1
Using the RWS AppStore 1
PerfectMatch* 1
Working with project packages* 1
Using TM segment fragments 2

You can download a complete list of topics here.

* Only available with the Trados Studio Professional edition

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This course is designed for users who are already familiar with Trados Studio and want to leverage the advanced product features to work even more efficiently and streamline their processes further.

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Basic understanding of Trados Studio and of topics covered in the Level 1 Training for Trados Studio.

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This course is available in the following delivery modes:

  • hands-on and classroom based
  • live and web based
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Certification and further development

This course provides some of the knowledge attendees need to pass the Trados Studio Level 2 (Intermediate) exam. 

Certification in the Trados Studio product can be achieved by taking the following web-based exams:

For further information on the Trados Certification programme, please get in touch.
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