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Whether you are new to translation software, or you would like some extra guidance, this page has the resources that you need, when you need them.

When you're getting started with localization software, the last thing that you need is to feel stuck, potentially missing deadlines and compromising the quality of your work. That's why we've created our continually updated library of resources for you and your team. From blogs and eBooks, to demos and recorded webinars, translate with ease with Trados. 

Translation 101: CAT tools, terminology management and translation memory

These are SDL Limited videos that are now part of the RWS Group.

CAT Tools

A CAT (computer-assisted translation) Tool is a program designed to make the translation of documents both faster and easier.

Trados Studio 2022 is RWS's latest CAT tool, and with a rich library of learning resources available, it is both easy to learn and simple to use.

Watch our recorded webinar to find out how a CAT tool can help you.

How a CAT tool can help you

Discover these resources to take the next step in your CAT tool journey.

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Terminology management allows you to achieve accurate translations when using acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations by giving you the option to organize these terms with correct rules for their usage. 

RWS's terminology management tool MultiTerm ensures consistency in terms and vocabulary to provide quality to your work. Used both as a standalone desktop tool or with Trados Studio, MultiTerm is accepted worldwide by many users.

View these resources for more information about Terminology Management.

A collection of videos about Terminology Management

Learn more about Terminology Management

Machine Translation

Pioneered in the 1950s, machine translation (MT) is the translation of text by a computer with no human involvement. It can also be referred to as automated translation, automatic or instant translation.

Whether you are a freelance translator, LSP or corporation, working with machine translation allows you to translate more content and deliver it faster than ever before.

machine translation

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