What’s new with Passolo 2022

Camille Avila 06 Dec 2021 3 min read
The latest version of Passolo has arrived! In this blog, we summarize the exciting new functionality available in Passolo 2022.

Since our last major release in 2018, we’ve been busy developing new features and integrations in Passolo to enable better collaboration, greater efficiency and increased productivity for our users.

Throughout this blog I will highlight some of the great new features available in this major release, including:

  • Support for Microsoft .NET 5.0
  • Integration with our cloud platforms
  • Greater control with flexible virtual folders
  • Increased automation capabilities
  • Enhanced file types and configurations

Future-proof your business with support for Microsoft .NET 5.0

Microsoft .NET is the most popular development platform that our users work with in tandem with Passolo. To keep up with the latest Microsoft .NET framework, Passolo 2022 has been updated to support .NET 5.0, alongside the previous .NET 4.8 platform and other older versions. We plan on supporting the recently released version of Microsoft .NET 6.0 in the future. This update allows you to adapt your localization processes at your own pace for your developer tools, programming languages and libraries.
Collaborate smarter with cloud platform integration
Passolo 2022 provides even more flexibility and opportunities for collaboration thanks to new integration with our cloud translation offerings – Trados Enterprise, Trados Accelerate and Trados Team.  
The integration between Passolo and the cloud platform give you all of the advanced project management features with high levels of automation and translation productivity. This frees up time for project managers on a number of administrative tasks associated with managing Passolo projects and helps keep things running smoothly.
By publishing files directly to the cloud, you can:
  • Flexibly combine Passolo’s project management and QA capabilities with our cloud platform’s efficiencies for managing teams, sharing work, creating backups and working online at the translation stage.
  • Benefit from quick and agile translation or review in the Trados Online Editor.
  • Open files for translation in Trados Studio and leverage powerful productivity-boosting features, such as upLIFT and AutoSuggest.
  • Speed up the translation process by utilizing centralized translation resources (TMs and termbases) stored in the cloud.
  • Reduce the workload on localization managers with an easy-to-use Synchronization function, allowing the automatic import of the latest translations back into Passolo projects.

The new ‘publish to cloud’ wizard in Passolo

Increased usability with many feature enhancements

Virtual folders: greater control of context
To give your translation teams more control over the context of supplied strings, Passolo 2022 introduces the option to group source files into flexible virtual folders. These can be created, deleted and renamed as required, and are available at project and bundle level. With this enhancement, your developers can continue to organize their code as required for the development process, and localization project managers can then ‘virtually’ group the software strings into an order that makes sense for translators and their way of working. Your project managers and translators can remain organized and in control even when managing large translation projects.
More automation
To improve productivity, Passolo’s automation capabilities have been expanded. The new virtual folder creation feature can be automated in your workflows, GroupShare project files can now be converted to and from SDLXLIFF automatically, and your Passolo projects can automatically be published to the cloud in line with the new cloud collaboration features.
Improved file type support
We’ve enhanced Passolo’s file type parsers to improve available file-type configurations and compatibility, so you’re not limited in what you can work with. Updates have been made to .NET 4.x, WPF, JSON, XAML, XML, YAML, JAVA and RC, to name a few.
Should you wish to learn more about Passolo and all the enhancements, read our Passolo 2022 release notes.
Camille Avila

Camille Avila

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Camille is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at RWS, with eight years of experience in the localization industry. Currently, she oversees the Trados portfolio, with a dedicated focus on translation technology for the corporate markets. Her role is to assist corporations in effectively communicating with their customers by ensuring their content is understood, in any language.
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