Partner webinar recording: Improve your multimedia content localisation workflow - An introduction to CaptionHub

RWS provides end-to-end technology solutions for everyone in the translation supply chain whether you’re a freelance translator, a translation agency or a corporation managing large volumes of content. Combining Trados solutions with Language Weaver's AI-driven machine translation, allows our customers to better manage the growing volume, velocity, and variety of multilingual content they may be facing. 
One of the ways that we extend the range of capabilities that are available to our customers is through partnerships with other technology providers. This enables us to offer additional capabilities, which can be seamlessly integrated with our products.
CaptionHub, an AI-powered collaborative platform for enterprise subtitling, is one such partner who integrates with Trados and Language Weaver to provide an end-to-end subtitling solution as part of your multimedia content localisation workflow.
This webinar recording includes:
  • An introduction to CaptionHub
  • How CaptionHub integrates with Trados and Language Weaver
  • Different multimedia translation use cases
  • A solution demonstration
  • Q&A
The webinar recording is presented in English.
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An introduction to translation collaboration