LearnUpon localizes its user interface into nine new languages in three months

LearnUpon drives international expansion and improves customer satisfaction with fast-turnaround, high-quality language services.
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LearnUpon case study
Company size :: 260 employees and 1,300 customers
Company region: Worldwide

LearnUpon is a leading learning management system provider, operating internationally in multiple languages. To satisfy increasing global demand, their strategy is to add three to four new platform languages a year.

But this was proving a major challenge under their existing translation arrangements. Lengthy translation times and linguistic quality issues were putting both expansion plans and customer trust at risk.

LearnUpon concluded that they needed a new translation provider – one that would work closely with them as a partner and advisor, supporting their ambitious growth goals.

Jovana Ilijašević

“My advice to others would be to look for a translation partner, not a translation company. We’ve built a strong bond with RWS and they’re playing an active role in helping us grow our business. That’s what you want in a translation vendor.”

Jovana Ilijašević, Group Manager, Product Operations, LearnUpon


  • Reduce translation turnaround times 
  • Improve translation quality 
  • Reduce wait time for quotes 
  • Implement efficient, tech-enabled translation management



  • 9 new localizations of the user interface in just 3 months
  • Increased customer satisfaction with translation quality 
  • Localization project quotes available instantly via Trados Enterprise 
  • Translation management processes streamlined