What's new in Passolo 2018

Software localization that fits seamlessly with your translation team

New features and connectivity bring greater efficiency, integrity and versatility

Passolo 2018's new integrations with Trados Studio and Trados GroupShare make it easier for translators to work more effectively on Passolo projects in their preferred translation environment. Deeper connections with MultiTerm improve quality whilst a new secure connection to the Box platform enables more efficient, time-saving collaboration.

For the project manager, there is additional reporting data, improved project tracking and smarter ways to work with tasks. For those using an automated workflow, a number of enhancements give you more control. With a host of additional features, Passolo 2018 will speed up translation and improve quality.

Greater flexibility
Improved performance
More control

Effortless transition between RWS's translation tools

With Passolo 2018, you can easily move a string list into any tool that works with the SDLXLIFF format and then import it back in once translated.

Translators can work more effectively in their familiar translation tool and project managers have peace of mind as moving bilingual files between tools is more secure with less scope for errors.

Quality and control in the process

With easy transition between Passolo 2018 and Trados Studio, project managers can combine the benefits of the Studio quality assurance features with the unique software localization capabilities of Passolo.

Translators benefit from the optimized integration with Studio and can use all its powerful productivity features, or work in Passolo's free translators edition.

Faster translation and review in the online editor

With Passolo 2018, you can quickly move Passolo string lists to the easy-to-use online editor in Trados GroupShare for secure on and offline working.

Project managers, translators, engineers and reviewers can share the project in real time and work concurrently from any device, including Mac or mobile.

Secure sharing is quicker with Box

A new integration with the secure Box.com storage platform allows translators and reviewers to make changes that automatically synchronize with Passolo 2018. 

With individual user permissions, the integration with Box will save time and reduce administration for project managers.

SDL Support Gateway

MultiTerm quality improvements

Working with terminology in MultiTerm becomes faster using a more comprehensive and rapid search functionality.

Term search is also more detailed with options for working with less than three characters increasing the quality of results.

Updates to the screen design provide more information, making it easier to see the origins of terms from different termbases.

Robust workflows for automated builds

Highly automated translation flows require an even greater degree of accuracy and reliability to be effective. Passolo 2018 includes refinements making automated flows more efficient. The software works hard in the background to reduce exceptions and share violations resulting in a more reliable process.

Analysis made simple with new reports

Project managers can track progress at a glance with the new statistics view within the string list area. In addition to more detailed data, you can now toggle views between the stats and the resource.

Passolo 2018 reports have also been restyled for a fresh new look and feel, making it easier and clearer to see data.

A new way of managing tasks

Passolo 2018 has improved ways to navigate and assign tasks, making it quicker to find tasks in a long list.

Filtering and search functionalities are added for tasks, so they can now be filtered by different properties, for example; user, assignee, language and date — making everything more streamlined and easier for the project manager and translator.

Improved find and replace for all batch commands

  1. More control over the search scope, with a new location for drop-downs
  2. More options for 'find and replace' when a string list is open and active
  3. The look and feel is more intuitive making it easier to use

Smoother and more efficient automation

Automation benefits from a number of improvements, including making it easier to open and close comments.

Parser and project level comments are clearer when working with the new SDLXLIFF export. Reporting of fuzzy match ranges is improved in the COM Object Model and you can delete and undelete a translation list via automation.

New features to make life easier

  • New status icons in the project tree allow you to quickly identify the status of string lists at-a-glance
  • You can now opt in to our Customer Experience Program allowing us to analyze usage patterns to make Passolo even better
  • Passolo 2018 has the ability to work with YAML parser file types, commonly used for configuration files

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