Trados GroupShare

Manage translation projects faster and more effectively

Centralize, share, and collaborate

Offered as a server solution that can be installed on-premises, Trados GroupShare is the easy to use translation project management solution that transforms the way teams work together. GroupShare works in conjunction with Trados Studio to streamline processes, reduce manual tasks and provide real time access to translation projects and reporting, all of which helps teams deliver high quality translations, faster.

How GroupShare helps you manage translation projects

Are you looking for team collaboration in the cloud?

The smart choice for small and medium sized translation teams looking to work on translation projects remotely via an easy to use, secure platform that works seamlessly with Trados Studio.

Real time visibility and control

Remain in total control using GroupShare's web based project dashboard. It enables users to create, manage and share secure projects, customize project phases and keep track of progress. Monitor deadlines and key metrics using the in-built customizable dashboard and reporting. 

Seamlessly blend online and offline working

Securely translate and review files with GroupShare's Online Editor. Capable of concurrent editing on any file, via a variety of devices, the Online Editor offers project managers the flexibility to choose the best method of translation for each project. Available in two varieties, Basic and Advanced, the Online Editor is suitable for both professional translators and those less familiar with translation software.

Share resources centrally, in real-time

Ensure more consistent translations by providing controlled, time-limited access to centralized translation memories and termbases. Sharing assets in real-time increases rates of content reuse not possible in a desktop only environment. Role based permissions increase control and security and can extend to beyond the translation team, allowing clients web-based access to your terminology glossaries.

Automate processes, make savings

With projects, streamline their creation and automate phases to keep them running smoothly. Project managers can create, publish and manage translation projects in fewer steps to cut down on the number of unnecessary administration tasks normally associated with managing multiple projects. Project related email traffic is also reduced with automatic notifications to team members of important updates.

Make more informed decisions

Get access to timely, relevant information that can help you make better decisions about how to manage your translation process. GroupShare's dashboard presents an instant overview of the key information needed to manage your day-to-day operation. In addition, GroupShare's customizable reporting provides insight into performance metrics and emerging trends that make it easy to see where improvements should be made. For example, with the Post Translation Analysis report you can clearly and easily see a detailed overview of the contribution of each project member to the localization effort (by document).

Receive a free Basic Online Editor license when you buy Trados GroupShare