Trados GroupShare

Transform the way your team works together with our easy-to-use translation project management solution.

Offered as a server solution that can be installed on-premises, Trados GroupShare works seamlessly with Trados Studio to streamline workload, reduce manual tasks and provide real-time access to projects, terminology and translation memories to help your team deliver high-quality translations faster.

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Key benefits

Achieve more across a growing translation team.
Fast stopwatch
Work faster with concurrent access
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Increase control and security
Screen translate
Translate and review online
Duplicate documents
Increase quality and consistency
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Automate manual processes

Key features

Real-time project visibility and control dashboard

Don’t chase projects. Remain in total control using Trados GroupShare’s project dashboard that provides complete visibility of all projects, deadlines and key metrics. Simply monitor your project progress and get instant updates and completion statistics.

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On and offline working

Trados GroupShare includes an easy-to-use online translation and review editor that facilitates real-time collaboration across the translation supply chain, allowing your project managers, translators and subject-matter experts to review and make light edits to content from any device, including Mac or mobile.

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Centralized translation memories and termbases

Create more consistent translations by providing controlled, time-limited access to centralized translation memories and termbases. Sharing assets in real time during translation increases rates of content reuse not possible in a desktop-only environment.

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Project management with built-in security

Maintain total control over who can access what. Instead of sending sensitive documents back and forth over email, Trados GroupShare lets you control access to resources on a project-by-project basis, and revoke user access automatically once a task or project is completed.

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Reasons to upgrade to Trados GroupShare 2020

If you’re on Trados GroupShare 2017, discover why you should upgrade to the latest version.
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“With Trados GroupShare on board, it became much easier for our project managers to receive and dispatch the required translation work to different resources, internally and externally. Trados GroupShare really has had a positive impact on our business. We have seen approximately a 25% increase in productivity on the coordination side. For the largest projects that figure increased to 40%.”

Isabelle Jenkins, General Manager

“Our translators love being able to focus on translating new content instead of retyping previously translated material. It’s easier to meet delivery deadlines and everyone’s more productive.”

Chie Schuller, Language and Communications Manager

“Through GroupShare and greater CAT use, our translators are equipped to provide consistent, polished translations much more reliably. And our five project managers are now able to process more than 10,000 projects per year.”

Jerome Legris, Chief Operations Officer

“With Groupshare we were able to take terminology management to a new level. Termbases are now centralized, updated in real time and accessible for our translators, clients, and their international partners. This not only improves the consistency of our translations, but enables an efficient workflow of constant optimization where all parties are part of the process.”

Luciano Lykkebo, Managing Director, Scandinavian Language Service

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