Crowdin is a cloud-based localization software that offers 550+ apps and integrations. You can connect the tools you use to create content with your Crowdin account and sync translations back to make your whole company multilingual. 

Integrations include: 

  • Crowdin's AI assistant 
  • CMS tools: Contentful, Storyblok, GraphCMS, etc. 
  • Git tools: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Repos. 
  • Design tools: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD. 
  • Support content: Help Centers, live chats, chatbots. 
  • Marketing content: emails, websites, landing pages, notifications, and video subtitles. 
  • File storage: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. 
  • And many other tools
Crowdin offers a wide range of features to help manage translations for software, apps, websites, and other digital content. In addition, you can use Crowdin as a collaborative translation management tool for your team and company. With Crowdin, project managers can create and assign translation tasks, set up automated workflows, and track progress in real-time. Translators can access projects, work on translations, and communicate with project managers and other translators directly on the platform.