• Bynder B.V.
  • https://www.bynder.com/
  • Technology Partner
  • France, Netherlands, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America

Bynder is the fastest growing digital asset management service, offering a simple solution for marketing professionals to manage their digital content in the cloud Teams can find the right files 24/7 with cloud storage and sharing, collaborate with real-time edits and approvals, and distribute with auto-formatting for a variety of channels and file types. Brands using Bynder have the convenience of one central hub for all brand operations and digital content. With the SDL Tridion integration, you can use your Bynder-stored digital media (images, videos, and documents) directly in SDL Tridion, which saves time searching and viewing assets. Work confidently knowing the files stored are always the latest versions. Offering a quick and easy connection that feeds images and digital files directly from your asset library, the pairing allows you to search using keywords and find the right files fast by viewing options in a grid or list.

Bynder B.V. in numbers

  • 86% of clients reported that Bynder improved collaboration within their marketing organization 
  • 85% reported Bynder helped make their digital asset permissions and copyrights more secure 
  • Teams can find digital assets 49% faster with Bynder 
  • 81% reported improved overall asset flow, from creation to distribution