Our team is always pleased to provide you with our high-quality and professional services, with complete confidentiality around the clock.

Please allow us to offer you a brief description of our company.

TransOrient Translation Company specializes in providing professional language services, including translation. we are currently headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.

Our Company embraces the best international practices in language service provision. Our approach of excellence is characterized by flexibility, while maintaining the highest levels of commitment to uncompromised quality of translation services.

Such an approach has earned TransOrient the status of one of the best providers of translation services in the Middle East and North Africa and made it the destination for many Government agencies and prominent local, regional and international entities, which are looking for excellence, precision, punctuality and confidentiality in their work in all languages. 

TransOrient was able to reap the fruits of such excellence in the form of several awards in the field of translation, including:

  • EN ISO 9001-2008
  • EN ISO 9001-2015, since 2014
  • The Membership of the American Association of Translators
  • Among the first Saudi Companies to obtain ISO 17100:2015
  • Best Translation Service Provider Award in 2020 by Worldwide Finance 2020/21
  • Best Translation Service Provider Award in 2020 by Global Awards 2020/21

TransOrient Translation Company has the capability to render all types of texts in all subjects from the source language to the target language with ease, and smoothness. This includes specialized texts in the legal, medical, architectural, Engineering, literary, education, history, cultural, or general fields. Our services cover website content, bulletins, marketing material and other relevant texts.

With vast experience gained over the past 10 years, TransOrient Translation Company has accomplished many major translation projects for prominent entities inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and continues to do so. 


Khaleej Road. P.O.Box 35553 Dammam 31961, KSA