About Us

The Localization Institute was founded on the premise that, while each company is unique, many of the challenges we face entering international markets are shared. And, instead of facing the challenge alone, we can learn more by sharing. 

That realization led to the very first roundtable discussion series in 1997. The positive response eventually spawned a full selection of master classes and certification programs. We even co-founded LocWorld, the world’s premier Localization conference to give our industry the best gathering opportunities to exchange ideas. 

Our courses and round table discussions are not sponsored so we have complete freedom to share unbiased truths and have the frank discussions you need to hone your expertise. This truth is the reason so many companies put their faith in our educational opportunities. We invite you to connect with us, learn from our team of experts and share your journey – there’s no reason to go it alone.


Founded in 1996 by Ulrich Henes, and based in Madison, Wisconsin, The Localization Institute’s mission is to bring the highest quality training and resources to the global business community, governments, and NGO’s. We achieve our mission by offering online and in-person crash courses and seminars, master classes, round tables, certifications and large conferences in the Americas, Asia and Africa.