About Us

The Japan Association of Translators (JAT) was founded in 1985 to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among translators working between Japanese and English, and to establish and maintain professional standards in the industry. Membership is limited to individuals who are engaged in, or interested in, translation or interpretation. JAT was officially recognized as a non-profit organization (NPO) in Japan in April 2001. As of November 2018, JAT had approximately 700 members, about half of whom reside outside Japan. JAT offers members a wide array of opportunities and resources for professional development and networking.


The Japan Association of Translators (JAT) seeks to enhance its members’ professional abilities, improve the status and understanding of the translation and interpreting professions, and serve the public good by expanding global access to information.


  • Provide opportunities and channels for translators and interpreters working between Japanese and English and other languages to exchange information and opinions. 
  • Provide professional education for translators and interpreters through general meetings, Special Interest Group sessions, online mentoring, translation contests, and other activities, most of which are open to the public. 
  • Educate the public and users of translation and interpreting services about the skills and experience needed to become accomplished practitioners of these vitally important knowledge-intensive professions. 
  • Publicize the importance of translation and interpreting services in boosting international trade and business and facilitating cross-cultural communications in various fields. 
  • Establish ethical guidelines to be observed by members of the professions and users of their services.