About Us

The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) is a professional membership association representing the interests of language service companies in the UK and internationally. 

The ATC:

  • Is the leading voice for companies operating in the UK’s language services industry. ATC membership is recognised as the mark of quality-managed language services. 
  • Defines standards of excellence for language service companies by promoting quality-driven services and best practice. 
  • Influences the advancement of language service companies and the language services industry through its research, initiatives and activities, in collaboration with its stakeholders.
  • Collaborates closely with other language services industry associations and organisations, and is a member of the EUATC, an umbrella organisation of national associations in Europe.
  • Works on a non-profit basis and its activities are guided by a Council of elected member company representatives.


Founded by British translation companies in 1976, the ATC provides authoritative advice about matters relating to multilingual communication, and working with legislators and other stakeholders, lobbies on behalf of its members, promoting the value of language services and language skills, translation and interpreting.