About us:

The University of Westminster was founded as Britain's first polytechnic in 1838. Since then it has developed into a university that combines both metropolitan and cosmopolitan dimensions, and which is closely involved in business, professional and academic life within London, as well as overseas. The University has always been, and continues to be, imaginative in recognizing new needs and developing appropriate offerings for its many target markets. The University also has a strong and historic commitment to promoting equality and embracing diversity. As a place to work or to study, we strive to strengthen our reputation as a welcoming and inclusive organisation.

Courses offered:

  • BA Honours Translation Studies (French)
  • BA Honours Translation Studies (Spanish)
  • BA Honours Translation Studies (Chinese)
  • Introduction to Translation Skills
  • Diploma in Translation
  • Diploma in Translation Exam Preparation
  • Diploma in Translation Workshops
  • Bilingual Translation MA
  • Interpreting MA
  • Technical and Specialised Translation MA
  • Translation and Interpreting MA
  • Translation and Linguistics MA