About us:

The Institute for Applied Linguistics of Eurac Research in Bolzano has developed multilingual legal terminology databases (http://bistro.eurac.edu, http://www.eurac.edu/lexalp). Its work serves as a local best practice model for high-quality terminology services. The Institute has supported public and private organisations in exchanging, expanding and cleaning their specialised terminology, thus improving the quality of their terminological resources (e.g. http://www.lise-termservices.eu). 

Post-bachelor training is offered on issues related to specialised translation, drafting, documentation and terminology. 

Currently, the researchers are studying multilingual knowledge management strategies in South Tyrolean businesses. For further information see http://www.eurac.edu/en/research/autonomies/commul/researchfields/Pages/Specialised-Communication.aspx

Course offered:

  • Terminology management and planning
  • Multilingual (legal) terminology and terminology management systems
  • Computer aided translation
  • Legal language and legal translation (method, resources, tools)