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What is Terminology Management and Why Is It So Important?

The third installment in our Translation 101 series with Massimo Ghislandi is all about terminology management and its benefits. With terminology management you can identify, store and manage company, customer or product specific terminology that needs to be translated in a specific way.

In these 5 videos, Massimo will give you a high-level overview of the most important elements of terminology management, including:

If you would like to watch each video, scroll down to view each individual topic presented by Massimo. If there are only a few topics you are particularly interested in, please feel free to click the links above to skip to your preferred video.

What is terminology management?

What is in a termbase?

What is the difference between a termbase and a translation memory?

How does a termbase work in a CAT tool?

What are the benefits of terminology management?

To watch the ‘What is terminology management?’ video in full, click here.

Now you know the high-level fundamentals of terminology management, you might also be interested in learning more about the benefits of CAT tools and translation memory from Massimo, in our previous Translation 101 videos.

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