Trados Studio – Level 2 Working with PerfectMatch

This 30-minute course aims to provide an understanding of what PerfectMatch means including how to handle a project update with PerfectMatch.

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Trados Studio - Project Managers - Streamlining Pre-production

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The course will cover the following topics: 

  • Introducing PerfectMatches 
  • Handling an Update Project with PerfectMatches 
  • Configuring PerfectMatch during Project Creation 
  • Viewing the PerfectMatch and Analyze Files Reports 
  • Handling PerfectMatches in the Studio Editor 
  • Re-applying PerfectMatches, Ignoring Character Formatting 
  • Unlocking and Editing PerfectMatched Segments 
  • Applying PerfectMatch without Locking Segments
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This course is designed for users who already have some experience using Trados Studio and would like to improve their knowledge of handling projects with PerfectMatch. Please note that the PerfectMatch feature is only available in the Professional Edition of Trados Studio. For this reason, the course only applies to users of the Trados Studio Professional Edition.

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The course is 30 minutes in duration and can be viewed and then used as a postcourse reference tool.

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This eLearning course is hosted in our RWS University learning portal. Each user will be given individual access to the course and will be able to take it at their own pace.

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