Trados GroupShare - Administration eLearning

The course will equip you with the skills to effectively utilize the GroupShare Console and navigate the GroupShare Web Interface. You'll gain proficiency in creating users and managing permissions. Additionally, you'll learn to create Server-Based Termbases and comprehend the integration of Windows Services with Trados GroupShare. Explore the responsibilities of a MultiTerm Administrator, access Log Files, and grasp best practices for working with Trados GroupShare.
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Course information


The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introducing Trados GroupShare 
  • The GroupShare Console 
  • Navigating the GroupShare Web Interface 
  • Server-Based Termbase Creation
  • Integrate Windows Services with Trados GroupShare
  • Responsibilities of the MultiTerm Administrator
  • Accessing Log Files
  • Best Practices
Course outline
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This course is designed for both new and experienced IT professionals, system admins, and owners.
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The course is 2.5 hours in duration and can be viewed and then used as a post-course reference tool. This course is broken into 10 modules covering all areas of GroupShare Admin. Once you complete one module, the next one will become available.

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This eLearning course is hosted in our RWS University learning portal. Each user will be given individual access to the course and will be able to take it at their own pace.

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