Our customer support team

Our customer support engineers are here to help our customers get the most from their RWS product experience and to offer the right problem resolution as quickly as is possible. When you submit a customer support ticket, you can be sure to receive individual attention from one of our teams who are based around the world: in China, Romania, Germany and the US. Here, we take a look at the team based in Cluj, Romania.

You can check your RWS Account to see what type of support you are entitled to.

Meet the Cluj support team

Denise-Baldwin-200-x-200Denise Baldwin is based in Cluj-Napoca and she heads up one of our customer support teams.

Denise Baldwin has worked in Customer Support for 15 years in three locations across the globe. When she is not at RWS she likes to play the saxophone and compose music or go for a long walk or read a good book.

"Our team of engineers are experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and we are passionate about talking to and taking care of our customers. We cover 70 countries in 8 languages. No question is too small, from license resets to complex workflow issues, we can help."

Flavia - Customer Service 180x180

Flavia Cavasi

Associate Licensing Administrator

Flavia has worked for RWS for 3 years and spent the last 18 months working in our Licensing Admin Team. Flavia wants to help everyone and our customers love her. She is soon going to become a great mum.

Paul - Customer Service 180x180

Paul Tudoran

Associate Customer Support Engineer

In a previous life, Paul was a Naval Deck Officer and has sailed the world. This experience has taught Paul how to stay calm in the worst of situations. Always one to take responsibility, he is never fazed and no problem is ever too big.

Radu - Customer Service 180x180

Radu Boloveschi

Customer Support Team Lead

Radu is our eco-warrior. He is as much concerned about our customers' wellbeing as he is about the planet. Radu is tenacious and focused when it comes to solving our customers’ problems. He has a positive outlook and encourages change for the better.

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