Trados Studio 2022 pre-launch offer!

Buy or upgrade to Trados Studio 2021 today at a special price and get Trados Studio 2022 for FREE on release.

Why upgrade to Studio 2021?

Trados Studio 2021 is the ground-breaking, dynamic translation solution offering true flexibility for busy translation professionals.

Work on the Studio desktop app on your PC or laptop for maximum productivity, plus keep projects moving when you're away from your desk through Trados Live — Studio's new cloud companion that works seamlessly across PC, mobile, and tablet.

Studio 2021's powerful features and enhancements will ensure you can achieve your full potential.

The future way of working is here. The future of translation software is Studio 2021.

Choose your Studio upgrade or trade up path.

To purchase your upgrade, you must own a previous licensed version of SDL Trados Studio. The price of an upgrade depends on the version and edition you are upgrading from.

Here are some of the top reasons to upgrade

From Trados Studio 2019

Flexibility to work wherever you are, on any device

Higher quality translations can be delivered faster as you have the choice to work wherever you want, whenever you want:

  1. Translate, review and manage work on the Studio 2021 desktop app when you're in the office.
  2. Move to the cloud when it suits to control your projects on any device, such as a tablet, through Trados Live or the new Trados Live mobile app.

Increased productivity

Studio 2021 offers many enhancements to help you work smarter, speed up your translation process and increase your productivity, including:
  1. Improved automation and quality assurance (QA) with the ability to customize your recognition settings for Placeables such as dates, times, currencies, and measurements.
  2. More powerful search with an upgrade to the Advanced Display Filter. 
  3. Accept any job with the most extensive support for file formats (EN)

Better personalization with increased functionality

Studio 2021 offers direct access to the RWS AppStore and the RWS Community:
  1. Personalise your Studio environment with the fully integrated RWS AppStore. With over 250 apps to choose from, you can now search the AppStore for new functionality, download and install new apps, update your existing ones or delete the ones you no longer need.
  2. Help and support is now available directly from within Studio. The new RWS Forums option on the ‘Help’ tab will take you straight to the relevant community where you can search for answers or raise new questions.

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From Trados Studio 2017

  1. Tell Me technology - looking for a particular feature, setting or command within Studio? Studio 2019 now provides a much quicker route to accessing the 700 commands and 1300 settings in a fraction of the time it took on previous versions.
  2. New project creation wizard - we have now streamlined the project management process to give you the option to create a project, with a project template, in one easy step, allowing translators to create and manage translation projects more easily and efficiently.
  3. Easy mid-project updates - in Studio 2019, adding and updating specific files mid-project is now a much quicker and pain-free process. You can now quickly add a new file to an existing project in one simple step and updating a file mid-project is now up to 82% faster, enabling you to return to working on your project in the quickest possible time.
  4. On-demand tips and tutorial videos - no matter what area you are working on within Studio, it now provides easy access to relevant tips and tricks, directly within your favorite CAT tool. This provides the perfect assistance for both new and intermediate users.
  5. Improved Translation Memory management - keep your most prized assets up to date. In Studio 2019, you have more control over the Translation Memories Editor, making it quicker and easier to change and update your translations.
  6. Enhanced quality checks – Studio 2019 allows you to customize the QA settings for each language-specific aspect such as punctuation, numbers and regular expressions.
  7. MultiTerm 2019 - you can now enjoy increased visibility with the brand new option to show term history and the ability to view all term entries with infinite scrolling.

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From previous versions of Trados Studio

It is no longer possible to benefit from our upgrade pricing from earlier versions of Trados - Trados 2007, Studio 2009, Studio 2011, Studio 2014 or Studio 2015. These versions are now no longer supported and much of the functionality has been superseded by the new technologies of later versions. If you wish to upgrade from any of these versions, you will need to purchase a new license from our online store.

You can read more about our 'End of life' policy here or contact our Customer Experience Team for more information.

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What is Trados Studio 2021 Freelance Plus?

Trados Studio 2021 Freelance Plus grants an extra activation license for translators who work on two PCs simultaneously. Whether a translation requires your full concentration on your home desktop PC or you need to translate whilst travelling on your laptop, always be ready with the freedom and flexibility that Freelance Plus gives you.

How to upgrade to Studio 2021

Once you’ve decided you want to upgrade, the process is simple!

Step 1

Choose your Studio upgrade path by selecting which edition of Studio 2021 you would like to purchase and which version you are upgrading from.

Step 2

Click ‘Add to Cart’ to review your order. You can add a Premium Software Maintenance Agreement (PSMA) to receive extra specialist support. Once you’ve made your selection, proceed to checkout.

Step 3

You will then be prompted to log in to your RWS Account. Use the email address and password you used when you first purchased your RWS software. Enter your payment and billing details to complete your order. Once payment has been received, your license will be available in your RWS Account.

Step 4

You’re now ready to download, install and activate your new Studio 2021 license. 


If you already have Studio 2017/2019 and you upgrade to Studio 2021, you need to:

1. Deactivate your current Trados Studio 2017/2019 license(s)

  • Go on to your Trados Studio application
  • Click on Help > Product Activation > Deactivate

2. Upgrade your license from your RWS Account

  • Login to your RWS Account and go to the Licenses section.
  • On the left-hand side, you should see "Upgrades" available, marked with a yellow arrow icon. Click on the icon and you will be able to see the Upgrades page.
  • Click on the Upgrade button to process the license upgrade. If you have several licenses, please bear in mind that you need to choose the number of user licenses that you wish to upgrade.
  • A new licensing code will be generated.

3. Copy the new licensing code and paste it in the Studio 2021 application to activate it.


End of life policy

Our software release policy is to support two versions of Trados Studio prior to the current version. We occasionally extend the life of Trados Studio versions beyond the terms of this policy, to give our customers the opportunity to transition to the Trados Studio platform in their own time. However, we will continue to give notice of its ‘end of life’ of previous versions on the release of new versions.

‘End of life’ policies are common practice for software companies and they enable development focus to be realigned from legacy products and moved on to new development projects

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