Translate everything intelligently with new Linguistic AI capabilities in Trados

Watch our webinar recording as we unveil a series of new Linguistic AI capabilities coming to Trados. These state-of-the-art capabilities will boost translation quality, expedite time-to-market, and lower translation costs, empowering organizations to translate everything.
David Pooley, Trados' Senior Product Manager, takes us through the following ground-breaking new capabilities:
  • Trados Copilot, your gateway to interact directly with Linguistic AI.
  • Smart Help, offering smart assistance whenever and wherever needed. 
  • Generative Translation, combining your established linguistic data with the power of an LLM.
  • Intelligent project creation, providing suggestions during project creation on which linguistic resources and settings to apply.
  • AI-driven quality assurance, supplying a quality score and an associated explanation for every translation. 
This content is in English.
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