Translate everything automatically with Language Weaver

Machine translation (MT) from Language Weaver is the no-fuss solution for those looking to use the latest in secure MT to speed up processes and break down barriers to translating everything.
With an allowance of Language Weaver included as standard across all our Trados editions – including Trados Studio, Trados Team, Trados Accelerate and Trados Enterprise, it's the perfect way to get started with MT and translate faster, with the flexibility to scale easily as demand grows.
Watch our webinar recording to learn more about:
  • The benefits of machine translation for the whole supply chain
  • What is possible with machine translation in the Trados platform
  • How Language Weaver provides powerful, comprehensive, and adaptable neural machine translation
You'll also hear first-hand the benefits of incorporating Language Weaver into your supply chain from our Language Weaver expert, Heather Rossi.
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