Designed to be fully integrated into the standard translation platforms from RWS, our specialist solutions for terminology, automation, content, and translation offer you a whole range of benefits.

To be successful on the global stage, your content needs to be consistent across the board. We support you in the seamless creation, management, publication, and translation of your content with our comprehensive range of software and services. You will benefit in particular from our leading software solutions for managing terminology, quality, in-country revision, translator queries, and workflow automation.

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Kalcium Quickterm

Kalcium Quickterm is far more than just a simple and fast look-up tool for your terminology: it is also a workflow solution for requesting and approving terminology. Also known as MultiTerm Workflow, Kalcium Quickterm offers the following advantages:

  • Fast and intuitive search in the termbase (MultiTerm, Acrolinx, or Kalcium repository) from all Windows applications via a hotkey 
  • Terminology request 
  • Approval and translation workflow with task lists and e-mail notification 
  • Reduction in the complexity of termbase models and terminology workflows with a simple, customizable interface

Kalcium Checkterm 

Check your terminology quickly and easily, with linguistic intelligence, in the correct context, and in all common languages, with Kalcium Checkterm. Thanks to Kalcium Checkterm, you can conveniently check terminology:

  • Across all applications using a hotkey
  • In Adobe InDesign, Trados Studio, MS Word, <oXygen>, XMetaL, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code, including via a plug-in
  • In a browser
  • For any incorrect variants, spellings, and compositions, etc.
  • "Live" as you type

You can also use Checkterm to:

  • Search for suitable alternatives in the termbase
  • Submit term requests

Kalcium Smartquery

Kalcium Smartquery is a collaborative, web-based workflow system which allows you to enter, edit, delegate, answer, archive, search, and re-use translator queries. With the following functions, you can quickly and easily turn queries into knowledge and quality while simultaneously enjoying time and cost savings:

  • Flexibly definable workflows, hierarchies, and responsibilities
  • Comments function
  • Push notifications
  • Links with project management systems, Trados Studio, MultiTerm, and Kalcium Quickterm
  • Archiving of queries related to the source text
  • Import of answered queries into the terminology database
  • Excel export and import
  • Guarantee of confidentiality
  • Dashboard with statistics about customers and projects

Kalcium Globalreview

Kalcium Globalreview is a web-based platform that allows translations to be reviewed online. The following functionalities turn the complex review process into a simple affair: 

  • Upload Trados translation files to the Globalreview web platform 
  • Convenient editing of translations on the web with TM match information, terminology recognition, and tag protection 
  • Convenient cross-checking of changes by the translator/project manager through change tracking and comments function 
  • Output of the final translation file for further processing in Trados 
  • Content profiles and sampling accelerate the review
  • Quality assessment, error scores, etc., enable sustainable quality management

Kalcium Contentflow 

Kalcium Contentflow automates and standardizes the data exchange between your content repositories – such as CMS, ERP, PDM, PLM, and DMS – and your RWS localization environment. Watched folders, COTI, TAPICC, a web portal, and third-party connectors are available as required. With Kalcium Contentflow, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Compatibility with Trados Studio, GroupShare, and WorldServer
  • Functioning workflows
  • Customizability
  • Easier project management
  • Time and cost savings

Experttools - Solutions for Language Workers

The Experttools are a collection of tools for performing specific tasks when working with Trados Studio. The solution portfolio includes:

  • Excelling MultiTerm for bidirectional data exchange between Microsoft Excel and MultiTerm, e.g., for offline approval, batch revision, or terminology translations
  • With Publishing MultiTerm, you can select specific content from MultiTerm termbases and prepare it either as a layout PDF or in XML format for further use in other systems
  • Use Delivering MultiTerm to convert server-based termbases into local termbases. You can then add this termbase to a Trados Studio project or take it offline and send it to the translators
  • With Excelling Studio you can easily and elegantly prepare Excel files for translation in Trados Studio
  • Go Analyze is your solution for quickly analyzing the content of one or more Trados Studio files to find out how many words, fuzzy matches, and repetitions there are. 
  • With Synching Language, you can synchronize TMs or termbases between servers and/or clients
  • And much more besides!