About us

World Translation - So you can say what you want
World Translation produces translations for export businesses requiring language professionals who are experts in the market, understand technical terminology and know their stuff.

Language barriers are nothing to speak of
We translate to and from all languages and work with dedicated language professionals all over the world. Like us, they use the latest tools to ensure that you get the optimum solution – every time. So that you can be sure that language barriers are nothing to speak of when you deal with the world. 

You can talk to us
We combine great dedication and a contemporary, serious service with knowledge and interest in our customers, their products and their markets. We would like to prove that to you. So write to us or give us a call – we look forward to hearing from you.

Care, consideration and reputation
User guides, datasheets and other technical documentation require insight into the product and the recipient’s situation and affect the way the outside world sees your business. This is why care, consideration and reputation are a priority in our production of technical documentation.