About us

Supertext – the name says it all. In more than 100 languages. Founded in 2005, Supertext was the first ever online copywriting agency, and quickly developed into a global full-service language service provider. The Superteam specializes in transcreation and multilingual copywriting. More than 80 employees at three offices – in Zurich, Berlin and Los Angeles – coordinate orders for more than 5,000 clients as part of their mission to free the world from bad copy.


Supertext for super style: blogs, landing pages, websites, newsletters, slogans, brochures, press releases, mailings, white papers, product texts, SEO texts and more.


The house speciality. The Superteam doesn’t translate word for word; it adapts your content to the cultural needs and preferences of your target market.


Into German, French, Italian and 100 other languages. The perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and passionate creativity.

Neural Machine Translation

Machine translation is quicker. And cheaper. True, the quality isn’t perfect, but it’s often good enough. And Supertext offers an ISO-certified post-editing service for guaranteed quality.


The finishing touch for your text. Supertext proofreads, revises and edits according to your requirements. Super fast and obsessively accurate.

Plain language

There is a language that 95% of the population understand. It’s called plain language. And Supertext can show you how it works.