About us

Authoritative experts in Polish linguistic services, POZENA is based in Poland and specializes in translation, interpretation, language training, and AI-driven linguistic solutions.

Compliant with ISO17100 and additional quality standards, our services not only exceed the expectations of corporate end-users but also consistently pass rigorous TQAs conducted by our global Multi-Language Vendor (MLV) partners.

We hold a commanding presence in Poland's language service sector and extend our services to direct corporate clients in 22 countries. As Founding Members of POLOT, active participants in international industry associations, and recent awardees of the UK's coveted ATC Supplier of the Year commendation, our credentials speak volumes.

Beyond our mastery in Polish, POZENA delivers comprehensive multilingual services across languages and sectors. Our full suite of localization services includes website and audiovisual adaptations.

Choose POZENA for a holistic linguistic strategy tailored to the demands of the modern global marketplace. Partner with us for exacting and culturally astute communication solutions.

To get in touch for a friendly chat, just email Adam.Grabowiec@pozena.com.