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About Us

We are an independent, non-profit association that aims to ensure the defense of the interests of translation and interpreting professionals in the Valencian Community. We work to offer our partners and affiliates a wide variety of information and activities that serve to improve the quality of their training for the labor market. 

We provide a means so that people who need the services of a translator or interpreter can find them on our website, since full members will be able to announce their profiles so that they can be searched on our portal. The scope of action of the Association is the Valencian Community, without prejudice to participating or collaborating with other Associations, Institutions, Organisms, public and private Entities of a different scope, in the purposes that are their own and common.


  • Promote, foster and develop the professional profile of translators and interpreters in the Valencian Community. 
  • Promote and develop the exchange of information between members and act as a mutual support network. 
  • Contact through the pertinent channels, and eventually collaborate with the organizations and entities that the members consider appropriate, both in the public and private sectors.
  • Organize as many other activities as deemed appropriate.