About Us

TermNet, the International Terminology Network, is an international cooperation platform for organizations and companies that want to benefit from the experience and knowledge of a global network. At the initiative of UNESCO, TermNet was founded with the aim of establishing a cooperation network in the field of terminology. In 1988, TermNet was registered as a non-profit organization that allows commercial activities for the benefit of its members.

Tasks and Projects

TermNet organizes training and consulting for terminology and language professionals, mainly in the form of workshops, open and customized webinars, in-house training and conferences. This is often done in collaboration with partner institutions. 

In addition, Termnet works and supports a wide range of projects in the field of terminology, such as:

  • ExcellenceTerm – the International Center of Excellence for Terminology 
  • Establishment of an international terminology service center for the economy 
  • ECAT - Multilingual eCataloguing and eClassification in eBusiness 
  • EUCert - European Certificates Innovative Online Training Campus 
  • ELCAT - Innovative e-learning: Content preparation of terminology learning modules for the automotive industry 
  • TermTurk – Terminology for cross-cultural dialog and specialized communication 
  • MONTIFIC - Multilingual Ontology for Internal Financial Control 
  • Term - the freely accessible multilingual terminology database