About Us

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a trade association — a nonprofit organization that serves and supports the language services and technologies industry. That industry encompasses translation, interpreting, localization, internationalization, and the technologies that support those activities. 

We believe that a strong professional community creates a strong industry. We focus on best-practices, knowledge-sharing, professionalism, and industry development. We know that multilingual communication is at the heart of global business and that companies with a global mindset that invest in translation and localization come out ahead. 

GALA delivers value to our member community by providing resources that help language industry professionals solve their business challenges. 

  • GALA is future-oriented and human-focused 
  • GALA provides access to expertise on industry trends, technologies, and best practices 
  • GALA is a community and a platform where people learn, share, and inspire one another 
  • GALA supports the growth of professionals, businesses, and the global language industry