• Bundesverband der Türkisch-Deutsch Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e. V. - TDÜ
  • https://www.tdue-ev.de/
  • Association
  • Germany, Turkey

About Us

The TDÜ represents and promotes the interests of language mediators of the Turkish language. These interests are as varied as our members themselves. We started to get rid of problems and obstacles and to make our members fit for a digital future. Networking is worth it, because: together we are strong!


  • We promote and organize advanced and further training measures (cross-language) for language mediators, which offer the participants real added value. 
  • We collaborate with training institutions for interpreters and/or translators. 
  • We are committed to maintaining quality standards in language mediation. 
  • We promote young talent for a successful future of our profession. 
  • We work hand in hand with other professional associations. 
  • We support international and intercultural understanding.


We are your mouthpiece and contact person: We advocate for the interests of Turkish-speaking linguists in politics, authorities, the judiciary, NGOs and clients. We have your back: We ensure that the language mediating professions are recognized in the public eye and that trust in the work of interpreters and translators is strengthened. We stand up for quality standards and compliance with professional and ethical norms in our profession. We'll give you a helping hand: With our advanced training and further education concepts, we ensure that you can work successfully and survive in the face of competition. We promote young talent and ensure communication and networking between our members.