About us:

The University College of Economics and Culture (UCEC) – a private University College, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. UCEC provides higher education in compliance with the guidelines and tasks set for higher education in the European Union. UCEC students have the opportunity to excel, develop their creativity and motivation for lifelong learning through diverse curriculum, cross-disciplinary research-led teaching and support. UCEC offers higher education that is in line with the current development trends in economy and society by working across the disciplines, sectors and professions and cooperating with partners from labour market, professional associations, education and research institutions in Latvia and abroad.

Courses offered:

  • Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting I, II, III
  • EU Document Translation
  • Specialized Translation I, II, III
  • Terminology Specialization I, II
  • Translation in Practice I, II, III
  • Translation Methods
  • Translation Theory and Practice I, II