Trados Studio

Trados Studio, the Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool used by over 270,000 translation professionals, provides a range of sophisticated features to help you complete projects more quickly and easily.

Translation memory (TM) is at the heart of Trados Studio and works by recycling previously translated content so that you can complete translations projects more quickly while maintaining high quality.


Training for Trados Studio 2021 is now available.

Training for translators
Training for project managers

Discover our training courses designed by translators, for translators.

Getting Started Part 1 - Translating

This course is designed for users who want to get familiar with Trados Studio quickly and start working productively with the tool from day one.

Key topics covered:

  • Introduction to CAT technologies: what is a translation memory (TM), termbase, AutoSuggest dictionary?
  • Overview of the application
  • Configuring the application to your personal preferences
  • Translating MS Office files in Trados Studio making use of the most common features
  • Delivering the finished translation

Getting Started Part 2 - Working with the Translation Supply Chain

This course is designed as a follow up to the Trados Studio Getting Started Part 1 - Translating course and covers additional functionality.

Key topics covered:

  • Working within the translation supply chain - using Trados Studio to process project packages
  • Delivering translation jobs to the Supply Chain
  • Creating TMs and termbases using legacy content (e.g. converting Excel glossaries, aligning already translated documents, and generating your own AutoSuggest dictionaries)

Intermediate Training Course

This course is designed for users who want to go beyond the basics of Trados and take their translation environment to the next level.

Key topics covered:

  • Effectively processing multiple files through projects
  • Batch tasks such as document pre-translation
  • Project statistics and reports
  • Advanced editor features
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Review processes.

Advanced Training Course

This course is designed for users who are already familiar with Trados Studio, and want to leverage the advanced product features to work even more efficiently and streamline their processes further.

Key topics covered:

  • Translation memory maintenance – keeping your TM resources lean and efficient
  • Localization of XML content
  • Customized automatic quality assurance rules
  • Enhanced workflows for different file types: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign

Discover our training courses designed specifically for Project Managers

Project Managers Part 1 – Managing Projects

The Trados Studio Project Managers Part 1 – Managing Projects course is designed to familiarize project managers with the most important functionality of Trados Studio, and provide them with the knowledge required for handling daily tasks.

Key topics covered:

  • Translation of MS Office files: overview of how translators work with Trados Studio
  • Creating projects
  • Scoping projects, generating word counts, analysis reports, etc.
  • Creating project packages and assigning tasks to translators and reviewers
  • Signing off on project files
  • Finalizing projects

Project Managers Part 2 – Streamlining Projects and Pre-production

This course is designed as a follow on to Trados Studio – Project Managers Part 1 and looks at streamlining projects and pre-production.

Key topics covered:

  • Streamlining project creation through templates
  • Modifying project settings (e.g. QA Checker settings)
  • Optimizing handling of multiple files through merging
  • Handling update projects and mid-project updates with PerfectMatch
  • Creating translation resources (translation memories and Termbases) based on legacy documents
  • Creating AutoSuggest dictionaries