Trados Business Manager

This course is designed to introduce attendees to working with Trados Business Manager 6.0. It will walk the users through all configuration steps necessary to turn an empty system into a working one.

Getting started

Whatever your role in the translation industry, Trados Business Manager gives you all you need to manage your translation business, at your fingertips. Integrated with Trados Studio and Trados GroupShare, Trados Business Manager helps you with the end-to-end management of translation jobs - from storing data and creating quotes to invoicing and reporting.


Key topics covered:

Part 1: TBM for Administrators
  • Introduction to Trados Business Manager
  • Navigating the User Interface
  • Setting up the system
  • Configuring Reference Data
Part 2: TBM forProject Managers:
  • (Introduction to Trados Business Manager)
  • (Navigating the User Interface)
  • (Configuring Reference Data)
  • Running  a  translation  project with  and  without  the  client  and vendor portals
  • Optional: Running a translation project outside the context of a project
  • Optional: Connecting  TBM  with  Trados  Studio  and Trados GroupShare
  • Optional: Getting started with reporting
The first part will be aimed at Administrators and give them an introduction to TBM, then walk them through the configuration of the system. The second part will be aimed at Project Managers. If they haven’t participated in the first part, Project  Managers will be introduced to the TBM User Interface, then will be shown how to use the application.