Translation Tips From Speakers at ATA 55

 “Do you have a top #t9n tip for the translation community attending #ata55?"

Last week saw translators from across the globe attend the ATA’s 55th Annual Conference in Chicago. With over 1800 colleagues attending the event, it was great to converse with attendees about translation productivity best practices, methods and product information. Throughout the event, we contacted speakers and encouraged them to share their top translation tip with us:


Translators who are working with texts that include any EU Regulations, Law or Directives should make sure they have used official EU translations for consistency and to ensure conventions are followed.


Immersing yourself within text is vital to understand its true meaning. It is important to realise that before creativity comes analysis. Translators must ensure they have a clear understanding of the information, which will lead them down the creative path.


With numerous industry events occurring across the globe, networking has become an important skill for translators. Companies and people are more likely to work with translators they feel close to and can trust, so what better way to build close relationships than at events such as ATA 55.


There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day anymore to get everything done. However, it is important understand your daily average translation output to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy all aspects of your day. The key is a healthy balance to create a high quality of life that will result in high quality translations.


It may seem like the simplest piece of advice, however sometimes the best advice is straight forward. Making sure you are yourself as a translator, whether it is through your translations themselves or at networking events is important. Not only is it important to be yourself but also to be proud of all your accomplishments and work that you’ve produced. Taking pride in your work will lead to high quality translations and build your reputation within the industry.


In a world where technology is developing at a rapid rate, it is important for translators to understand all the tools that can assist, evaluate and help create high quality translations. Staying on trend with the latest technology can make all the difference.


Did you know SDL Trados Studio is the only translation software that has its own dedicated app store? Translators are able to download apps to extend their functionality of their SDL software and developers can contribute their own apps for internal use or to upload to SDL OpenExchange.

We’ve shared some great advice from our speakers but now we want to know what your top tip is for translators? I’d love to hear some of your tips below.

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