It’s Time to Get Involved! Help Design the SDL AppStore App Idea Competition Winner

It’s been an exciting time to be part of the SDL AppStore team as we received a lot of fantastic feedback in our app idea competition. We wanted our customers to be the ones to determine which app our team would next develop, either by submitting their own app ideas or voting for someone else’s idea. Although we couldn’t include every entry (there were just over 200) in the online poll, every submission has provided us with highly useful feedback to help us shape our future products and apps. If you didn’t take part in the competition however, there’s still a chance to get involved by helping us design the winning app idea.

How the winning app idea was chosen

During July to mid-August, we ran an online poll on the SDL Community which included 13 of the best app ideas entered into the competition and then asked our users to vote for their favorite.

If you didn’t catch the competition or were away over the summer, you can find out more about it in my previous blog entry.

The poll is now over and we have a winning app idea – Quick WordCount – which will now go on to be developed into a real app to download from the SDL AppStore! However, it’s not too late to give us your feedback to shape the way the app performs before we develop it. To do this, get posting on the Quick WordCount page on the SDL Community.

The winning app idea – Quick WordCount

Quick WordCount was the clear winner with 18% of the vote. This entry was submitted by a Spanish freelance translator named Marta who had the following idea:

Marta Cervera, Freelance Translator

“When you receive an email saying “when can you have this?" you need a word count right away. The client wants your answer now. Sometimes, you don’t even need a TM, because it’s a new client working in a field you’ve never worked before. So it would be really helpful if there were a widget you could have on your desktop for that" – Marta, Freelance Translator

SDL Community project – Get involved in designing Quick WordCount!

Now that we have a winning app idea, what’s the next step? Do you have any thoughts on how the app should work or anything to add to the idea?

Before we ‘go into production’ with Quick WordCount, we want you to get involved. With more input and feedback, we can develop a better app that will fit a wider range of needs.

Paul Filkin. Client Services Director, SDL

“We think we know how the app should work. But why guess when we can ask you? The community project will help us make sure we build something that works the way you’d like and reports the word count in the way you want it" – Paul Filkin, Client Services Director. Customer Care Team, SDL.

So now it’s up to you! The app will be in development approximately until the end of the year so this is your chance to get involved. Whether you are an SDL Trados Studio user who has any thoughts on how the app should work or are a developer who wants to lend their skills and help develop it, simply visit the discussion on the SDL Community to share your input. You just need to login with your SDL Account credentials to take advantage of the forums and join fellow Studio users, developers and SDL staff online.

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